As the cold season draws near with every passing day, one of the most important things you should prepare is your home. This is because when the outdoors becomes too cold for habitation, pests like rodents and insects will seek shelter and comfort where food is plenty and warmth is present such as your home. And having pests around your home is something you don’t want or you’ll end up with a lot of work to do and perhaps some future health issues. This article will provide tips on how to prepare your home for winter to avoid pests.

Prevent Moisture Buildup

When water accumulates due to leaky pipes, cracks, and clogged drains expect to see some moisture after a while. Almost all kinds of pests prefer to live in environments with enough moisture from cockroaches, centipedes, termites, to rodents. Termites, in particular, are fond of moisture and they would very much favor living in moisture rich basement during winter. To prevent termites from infesting your home, consider getting a termite treatment as a preventive measure. Most importantly, have all your leaky drains and pipes checked and repaired before the temperature drops too low.

Seal Unwanted Openings

You should know that every nook and cranny is always an opportunity for pests like mice, flies, wasps, roaches, and spiders to live and invade. Hence, should your home have unsealed holes and cracks around the foundation or at any structure, pests can easily take advantage of it. To pest proof your home, make time to thoroughly search your home for holes and cracks. Seal them well and make sure those pests cannot cut through it. For huge cracks, steel wools will help keep the bugs out. Don’t forget as well to check the windows, vents, doors, as well as other areas of the house where small insects and large animals can break in. Contact your local pest control company for additional help in pest proofing your home

Weather Strip Your Home

To ensure that your home is able to keep warm air inside for a much longer period of time, consider weather stripping. This is also a very reliable step to keep pests out and away from your home. When it comes to weather stripping, include the exterior doors as well and perhaps you can just replace it if it gets too worn out with daily abuse. Weather stripping is affordable and it is also a great way to keep pests out while making your home warmer and comfortable for the family.

Light fixtures always play a huge integral part of any home. They provide countless benefits that are so important that without them, a home will be dark, unsafe, and uncomfortable. There are so many different types of light fixtures in the market today. And all of them are further classified into certain categories that are mainly based according to their function in the house.

For your beautiful home, there are three primary types of light fixtures that you can opt for in order to achieve great functional benefits giving your place a whole new look and feel. This article will discuss these three primary tomes home lighting which you can use in different areas of your home.

First are the ambient light fixtures which are great in providing your space some warm and cozy illumination. These fixtures need to be placed strategically in order to function accordingly. Hence, a good plan for their layout is extremely important. Ambient light fixtures can include chandeliers for living rooms as well as the dining area. Wall mounted scones, track, and recessed lights are also under this category. They also make great alternative for daylight during night time. Any part of your home that lacks access to natural light will need ambient light fixtures. To control the brightness of the lights, you can also opt for dimmer switch for that soft feel at night.

Second are the task light fixtures. They are more of a direct type of fixtures that is helpful in performing detailed tasks and other important day to day activities around the house. One good example of these are the desk lamps that provides good amount of brightness over your paperwork in your office. The light must not only come from one source like the lampshade. The recessed or track bathroom light fixtures in freestanding or wall mounted form can also be used as long as light is evenly distributed all over the area. Having task light fixtures around the house can save you money on expensive electric bills from time to time.

Third type of home lighting is the accent light fixtures. They are more on the decorative side by adding a little bit of layer of light to a room or a particular area of the house.  They are mainly used to accent sculptures, paintings, plants, and other expensive and interesting things around the house. As a general rule, accent light fixtures should be two times as bright as the ambient light fixture of the room. The track lights, canister lights, and wall mount recessed lights are some of the common fixtures that can function as accent lights.