Indeed, cooling and heating systems that are guaranteed to be energy efficient can dramatically reduce your carbon footprints and energy consumption; however, there are still other ways to maximize your home’s efficiency. In fact, there are several basic improvements you can add to your home so you do not only improve its living environment but also its marketability and value. By opting for low e windows, heat reducing paints, as well as energy efficient insulation, you can very well save money and improve even more your home life in general.

Double or multiple paned windows with low emissivity or low e coating can save a lot of money in terms of energy consumption. If you don’t know what this is, a low e coating is composed of a very thin, often microscopic, clear oxide layer that can curb the flow of radiant heat. If you want to get one of these for your home, you will need to contact an expert. Low e windows when coupled with good ventilation, airflow, and window treatments, can reduce both heating and cooling cost by huge difference. In addition, these new windows can even offer good returns of investment by about 80%.

Aside from windows, great paints jobs can also offer good returns of investment. So if you think your old home needs new external paint job, having it repainted will bring a brand new curb appeal to it. On top of that, a great external and internal pain job can increase your home’s appeal as well as marketability. If you want an eco friendly paint job, go for low VOC paints that have reflective properties to also help your home well insulated. As for your home’s roofing, a white paint with reflective properties can also save you almost 50% from your energy bill.

During the very hot summer, the attic seems to be the steamiest of all rooms. To prevent hot air from seeping into the house, you must also have adequate insulation. You may also add a good fan in the attic to keep hot air from getting inside the room. Home insulators also work really well during the winter by keeping cold air out and warm air in. Contact a home insulation expert to achieve the kind of efficiency you want to aim for.