Which day is the best day to make your move? That can depends on a number of things, however there are a few days out of the week that can almost always give you an advantage.

Factors That Affect Moving Days

There are several factors that will affect which day is the best to move on:

  • The season – the summer months tend to be the busiest time of year, especially in college towns.
  • The region you live in.
  • If you are moving into an apartment or a home. If it’s an apartment the property manager can give you a good idea of what day will be best for the move.

Save More by Moving in the Middle of the Week

The moving days that will save you the most money are those in the middle of the week.The majority of people plan weekend moves so those that can swing a middle of the week move will have less competition for a moving company’s attention. Less competition means that Austin moving companies will be more apt to offer lower prices and specials to fill the void.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdayare the absolute best days to save money and stress on your move. Monday movers may catch some of the spill over from weekend movers that didn’t get done in time. Likewise, Friday can get busy with people that are planning a 3-day weekend move.

Additionalbonuses to mid-week moves are more moving and packing resources readily at your disposal and less people out on the road.

The Best Time of Day to Move

Now that you’ve scheduled a mid-week move, plan to start very early in the day. Moving and packing available in denver often take longer than expected, and getting things rolling before the morning rush hour will help keep things on schedule.

Make the drive between your old home and new home at different times of the day, and note when traffic is the worst. Then plan your move so that you are less likely to be on the road during those times.

Month Matters Than Can Mess Up a Mid-Week Move

There are a few times of the month than can cause even a mid-week move to be busy. These include:

  • The first day of the month
  • The last day of the month
  • Holidays

You may want to max out a lease by staying to the last day of the month, but that could end of costing you more in the long run.

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